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Little Humbugs







The Little Humbugs - Butterfly Girl

Step into the world of The Little Humbugs, enchanted forests and sparkling streams, where songbirds sing to the rising sun every morning. This is a place where children won’t have any difficulty in slipping into a charming world filled with Butterfly Girls, Dragonfly Boys and busy bees. Where long sunny days are spent beneath the arms of an ancient tree. The Little Humbugs are special creatures; part human - part bug. The Humbugs live in the great forests – guardians of nature.


Jasmines love and affection for the forest and its abundant treasures captivate the readers in this beautiful and magical story for children all around the world.

Jasmine, the Butterfly Girl is both compelling and an ideal role model for parents looking to offer their children an alternative to the ‘fashion model’ style brands. The Butterfly girls are wholesome and organic but are very contemporary in design and style and with websites to support the books aimed at capturing the attention of the digital savvy child.

The Butterfly Girl sleeps in her chrysalis Pod until one day she emerges as a beautiful Butterfly Girl ready to help Mother Nature

The Little Humbugs Picture Book Series

The Butterfly Girl picture books. Meet Tanya the Butterfly Girl in her very own picture book.

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